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I am motivated by the desire to bring joy and hope to children facing critical illnesses. Together our support can help make dreams come true, providing unforgettable experiences and precious memories for these brave kids and their families. By donating, you can directly impact lives, inspire resilience, and create a positive change. Join me in making a difference and spreading love and happiness to those who need it most.



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05/12/2023 | 17:52

Help Us Grant Life-Changing Wishes for Children with Critical Illnesses

Imagine a world where every child battling a critical illness gets a chance to experience a dream come true, where moments of joy and hope replace pain and uncertainty. A simple wish come true, can truly help to transform a child's life, offering them a break from medical treatments and hospital stays and providing them with a sense of normalcy and happiness. Whether it's meeting their favorite superhero, going on a dream vacation, or getting a special gift, these wishes have the power to ignite hope and inspire courage in the hearts of children battling critical illnesses. In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, getting close to the season of good will, I am glad I joined the cause of the "Make a Wish Foundation" supported by Exact. By coming together, we can help grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses, creating moments that transcend the boundaries of illness and reminding these young warriors of their strength and resilience. Join me and consider making a donation today as you think of your christmas list. Every contribution, big or small, can make a significant difference in brightening the lives of these children and their families. Through the act of granting wishes, I am proud of the opportunity that I have and even more so of your help to make a profound impact on the lives of these childeren. By doing so, we can bring smiles, laughter, and hope to the faces of these brave children, helping them find strength, courage, and joy in the face of adversity.

Make-A-Wish® gelooft in de helende kracht van wensen. Daarom vervullen wij de hartenwens van kinderen tussen 3 en 18 jaar met een levensbedreigende medische aandoening om zo hen kracht te geven de strijd tegen de ziekte verder te zetten. Want als een kind kan geloven dat zijn wens uitkomt, dan kan het ook geloven dat hij beter wordt.