Alex Baeyens

The Wishful 2024 Series by Technogel

( Member of team: EAGLE Speed Academy E-Sports )

For our 3rd year racing for Make a Wish Belgium - Vlaanderen we do a XXL version.

We race not 1 but 6 races for the Children of Make a Wish.
Drivers/Teams can choose whether they will participate in 6 races or just our main
Wishful event on May 25th.


Last 2 years we ( drivers, supporters and donators ) collected more than 3500 euro
for Make a Wish Belgium-Vlaanderen. We already made several children happy with
our support and that’s the reason why we make this an XXL version. We will have
fun during the races in our hobby but we know that we will also make those children
happy with the wish they have.


Hope to see you on track and we thank you in advance on behalf of the Make a Wish

Visit our facebookpage or

our Discord for more information.

22/06/2024 | 20:00 Until 23/06/2024 | 0:00

Race 6: Portimäo

The Wishful 2024 Series by Technogel will be broadcasted by ORNL.

Live timing available during streams at

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22/02/2024 | 23:28

Laguna Seca in the media

Make-A-Wish® gelooft in de helende kracht van wensen. Daarom vervullen wij de hartenwens van kinderen tussen 3 en 18 jaar met een levensbedreigende medische aandoening om zo hen kracht te geven de strijd tegen de ziekte verder te zetten. Want als een kind kan geloven dat zijn wens uitkomt, dan kan het ook geloven dat hij beter wordt.